Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Starbox by Starlooks Review

I recently received a Starbox which is made by Starlooks. They are fifteen dollars and well worth it the quality of make up you get if purchased separately would cost more. I loved the presentation inside was a eye shadow, eye liner, and lipstick.

The box comes with a bow tied around it as you open it you discover tissue paper which adds to the fun of seeing whats inside.  Once opened you discover a introduction card. See No Evil the Gold Dust liner, Hear No Evil Posh Eye Shadow,  Speak No Evil the Masquerade Lipstick and A surprise to enhance. This is  just a brief description of what one of the cards said. This box is awesome and made me feel like it was a present . They even place a small crystal inside of the box.

The eye shadow called Posh I love that name its a purple shade and it went on easy and the purple popped on my skin.  It is a loose shadow but has a small opening which I found a plus since my skill level is beginner to intermediate. It didn't fade even after putting drops in my eye for my contacts. Posh is the right shade of purple not to faint  but not to much where it makes you clownish they really got the color right with this.

The lipstick was called Masquerade it didn't dry out my lips and lasted but what I found the best thing about this lipstick was it didn't get gummy. I really loved the color on me a red with a hint of orange.

The pencil Gold Dust a gorgeous gold color that  glitters.  I thought it perfect for nights out on the town or if you want your eyes to stand out. I did have to put it over a darker shadow, because of my coloring , but with just the liner you see a sparkle when the light catches it.

And my all time favorite item in the box was a special addition right on time for Halloween the Eye Rock  Eye Tattoos. They are real easy to apply using water, instructions are on the back. I have always wanted to try these but not knowing if it was hard to  apply,  intimidated me. You will love these it adds a mysterious look to your make up. Even my husband likes them he said it reminded him of Uma Thurman in Batman. Now he wants me to buy more. Starlooks is a fabulous find .

They make it easy to reach them by being on Facebook and Twitter and also YouTube. I think everyone should take a look at there site. Starbox would make a great present for a birthday or Christmas even graduation.

 What a wonderful thing to receive each month. Starbox is a well deserved treat to any women that loves looking her best. It is perfect for all ages young and mature. And it deserves the name I felt like a star all night.
Starlooks website   youtube.com/starlooksmd  starlooks on facebook  starlooksmd on twitter

I did receive this  free so that I could give a honest review to my readers.


  1. Loved it, Great review you gave me lots of info here, Tyvm xo Cant wait for the giveaway xo

  2. Looks like something my daughter would love.