Wednesday, October 31, 2012

IPAG BAG by Chris Pillot Lopez Reveiw

I was asked by a former coworker to read there manuscript that is about to be released. It is filled with touching inspirational poems.  The book is touching and heartfelt.

 I am not a big poetry reader but at the time that it was given to me it was just what I needed. I am not a devout religious person but I believe in a greater power.
 I grew up in Louisiana surrounded by older people and they had sayings. When you are young and hear them you brush them off with a head shake. But after reading  these touching words written by Chris it brings one to mind  that says even when you don't know what you need God does.

And I needed the words on the pages of this book. I had become non caring and depressed and they lifted me up and got me going again. This book filled me up with the encouragement and knowledge to not give up to push on at my dream. This is a great inspirational  book and I am sure that this new writer has so much more to offer the literary world I for one cant wait. So be on the look out for the release of  IPAG BAG by Chris Pillot Lopez

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