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Something to remember in your quest for at home work beware if the company charge any fees to applicants?

As a general rule, employers pay workers--not the other way around. SCAMS try to collect bogus fees, so beware of any company that charges anything. That said, a few legitimate companies do require potential workers to pay a one-time fee for a background and credit check. This is often around $50, but you should not have to pay for this until a position is offered (conditioned on a satisfactory background check).

Fees to beware of:
  • Application fees
  • Testing costs
  • Specialize equipment and software
  • Training
  • Any fee that recurs


So I have been doing a little research and here is some links to do surveys.
Some lead to product testing some you get poins that you can cash in for gift cards ect. A few once you get to a certain dollOr amounT let you cash out.

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one of my favorites the send out products to test                                                                                                                    

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