Friday, October 26, 2012

Fair Trade Month Good vibes pass it on

I was lucky enough to be picked for a Green Mountain Coffee assignment from bzzagent. That means I received the coffee free.  I have been a drinker of Green Mountain for several months, but I had only vaguely heard of Fair Trade.  So I started researching what it was. There is actually a website you can go to to find out more information.

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade is when goods are obtained fairly. The workers as well as farmers are fairly compensated. It helps farmers in developing companies build businesses as well as allows them to help there communities.

When you buy Fair Trade Items you are helping build schools, ensure that this Countries have basic things we take for granted and more.  A lot of the countries are poverty stricken and this opens up so many opportunities for them.

Green Mountain Coffee is one of many companies listed under Fair Trade. Fair Trade includes other products as well.  Green Mountain is one of my favorite coffees they offer a wide assortment of flavors. They have tea, hot cocoa and of course coffee. One of the flavors that I had not tried before was Wild Mountain Blueberry. I love the full taste of the coffee with just enough Blueberry to over power but mix nicely and create a coffee melody in your mouth. You really should try it.  Green Mountain is the world leader when it comes to purchasing Fair Trade Certified. Check out there Facebook page if you haven't. So heres  to great coffee Good Vibes Pass it on. Green Mountain Coffee on FaceBook

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