Thursday, May 22, 2014

Udderly Smooth Review and Giveaway

I discovered Udderly Smooth a few months ago, I had run out of lotion and had a event to go to. Walgreen's is about five minutes from my house as I was trying to decide what to get the store clerk suggested it. I purchased the body and udder cream. I am hooked it really leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

There is no greasy feeling and it is lightly scented so it won't clash with your perfume or cologne. I also suffer from dry skin in the winter especially my feet.

I haven't had that problem this winter. My feet have not started cracking like they normally do. Another great thing is the whole family can use it. Sometimes I have to buy multiple lotions and creams for different members in my house because of the smell.

The products are a great find and I have continued to purchase them. I wanted to share this wonderful product because it works and it's made in America by a wonderful family. You know I am big on family. The company was founded in the 70's I had the pleasure of meeting one of the family members online without knowing and what has stuck with me is her friendliness and she willingly answers questions a lot of companies don't do that.

Udderly Smooth is a reasonably priced product. I know price is important in today's economy. I will continue to use it. I tell everyone about this product anyone that knows me just has to touch my hands and they can tell the difference in my skin. I recommend you try it and please stop by there Facebook and sign up for the newsletter they send out information and coupons. You can buy this awesome product on Amazon, Walgreens, and Walmart to name a few.

They have been nice enough to sponsor a contest so go say thanks. Do not forget to enter.visit them on facebook  I love this cute magnet.

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