Sunday, October 21, 2012


Influenster is a great site that allows you to try new products free. This is great for someone that just wants to participate or that is trying to become a reviewer. I will be getting my first box soon and cant wait.

Recently they remodeled the site and it is definitely a improvement. It is much easier to navigate now and understand what is going on. When I first joined the original set up was a little confusing.

They are different then other sites I have come across.I like the fact that you have to earn the boxes. They don't just send them and that way you are suited for what you get.
As well as everyone having a fair chance. I have been on some sight and it seems like only the people who are online 24/7 are able to get the good things. This is completely different. Influenster is set up where you have to earn badges as a way for them to get to know you. The badges are set up categorical. When you join take a minute look around read all the wonderful info available.

Another great feature is that you can add products to be reviewed maybe you make or sale something, or your found a not so well known product you want to tell everyone about.

They offer begining Bloggers or vloggers a great chance to review and work on skills to be the best at reviewing. I love this site it is giving me a chance to work on my blogging skills as well as try new things. come join me lets influence the world.

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